Help guide on using the mobile application

Once you have successfully downloaded the TalkaGame mobile app for either your Android or iOS mobile device, you are now ready to access the network!

The first step is to click on the TalkaGame app icon that should now be visible on the screen of your mobile device. Upon clicking on the icon, the app login screen will launch.


Login Screen

Directly below the login button you will find the language switch. Click on the language switch and select the language of your choice to set the application for that language.

Proceed to login using your username and password that you setup during registration.

Main Screen

Once you have successfully logged into your TalkaGame account on your mobile device you will see a list of the TalkaGame network friends who you have previously connected with.

Depending on whether you’re using the Android or iOS application, you will see the primary navigation menu either at the top of the screen or bottom of screen.


The announcements tab is where you stay in tune with events, promotions, and news. The information you will receive as an announcement will be exclusive to the TalkaGame members who have downloaded either the Android or iOS application.

Profile Settings

The profile settings page is where you can edit your status, status message, chat settings, invite people to join TalkaGame via SMS messaging, and the logout option.

Group Communication

Communicate in groups by creating chatrooms. Here you can enjoy all of the same features as peer-to-peer but in groups! This includes chat, video conference, photo & video sharing and much more. User scan create various types of chatrooms including public, private, invite only. Fore additional information please view the Chatroom tab under the help desk menu.

Video Call

To make an Audio and or Audio/Video call to another TalkaGame user, Simply click on the Audio or Video icon that appears in the top header section of the chat screen of your friend.

Next confirm that you would like to initiate the call by selecting “Yes”, or “No” to cancel.

The mobile device of the person who you called will soon ring. The person can either accept or decline the call. If the call is answered then both you and your friend will be instantly connected in either an audio only call or audio/video depending on the type of call initiated.

Broadcast Message

Broadcast a message to all of your TalkaGame friends instantly by simply clicking on the broadcast icon that floats in the bottom right corner of your app screen.

Once you click on the broadcast icon you will be prompted to select the friends that you would like to include in the message broadcast. Announce life changing events, winning the lottery, or just a good morning message!

Additional Features

Access more real time communication features via “additional features” icon.  These features include: Capture and share photos/videos, Share profile, start an audio/video broadcast, clear conversation, block user.

Note: In order to view and communicate with people using the mobile application, you must first become “friends” with a person by either sending or accepting a friendship request. In order to do this please visit your account on


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