TalkaGame Friendships:

The TalkaGame friends component is the way for members of the TalkaGame network to identify that they know other members. Friendship is requested from one member, and accepted by another.

Each person  you become a friend with on Through the TalkaGame social network will be listed as your contact on the web and mobile apps.

You will also not be able to connect with people via mobile apps until you have sent the user a friendship invitation and it is accepted by the user. Members can choose to turn on or off new friendship notification emails.

The quickest way to make friendships and build your contact list is to head straight over to the members page. Here you will be able to search for people of interest and proceed to send friendship requests by simply clicking on the user and then by clicking on the request friendship link on the user profile screen for each person.

Friends will appear in the TalkaGame Web Chat and Mobile App contact list


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