Chat Bar Features

The TalkaGame chat bar is visible at the bottom of the screen to TalkaGame members who have logged into their user account on the website. The Chat bar is where all of the features associated with communicating are located.

Click on the Home button to go to the site home page with a single click access.

Enter or create a chatroom to communicate in groups. Simply click on the chatroom icon to launch the chatroom lobby. Please view the chatroom help page for more information specifically on chatrooms.

Single Player Games:

TalkaGame members have access to over 10,000+ single player games. The game selection includes a wide range of genres like action, adventure, arcade, puzzles and more!

To play a single player game, follow the steps listed below:

  1. Click on the Game button.
  2. Select the category or type of game from the game list.
  3. Click on the game that you would like to play.
  4. The Selected game will be launched in a new window.

TalkaGame announcements will appear under the announcements tab on the chat bar.


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